Town Hall Meeting on Safety - April 9th, 7pm

Dear Highland Horizon Community,

In light of the recent concerns regarding burglaries at Highland Horizon as well as the extremely alarming rash of porch bombs happening in Austin, the HOA Board has worked to convene a Safety Town Hall Meeting. This forum can also be used to address usual concerns of speeding through the neighborhood, stopping at stop signs, and any other safety concerns. We are working to have a county Deputy present at the meeting to help sift through ideas. Our Neighborhood Watch Chair Paul Hamilton will be there. We will also try to have one of the county commissioners there. The goal of this meeting will be to allow all residents to discuss what concerns they have related to safety, but also to come with ideas. Keep in mind the HOA and it's Board are you. We are all homeowners and are all volunteers that work to keep our community running. If you want something changed to increase safety, please come with a specific idea and a plan to implement it. And keep in mind that anything you suggest is is something you yourself should and would be able to do. We may need to all pitch together to make some changes and make things happen if there are changes to be made. Also keep in mind the we are not law enforcement, nor should we be. That needs to be left up to the real experts and the real law folks. So, please come one and all to this special meeting. Let's put our ideas together so we can make Highland Horizon into the safe neighborhood some of us know it to be and all of us wish it to be. We all want to feel safe in our homes and feel safe for our families, and this can be our first step to getting everyone in the neighborhood there. The meeting will be held in April 9th between 7 and 8:30 pm at the Brushy Creek Community Center. I look forward to seeing all of you there. 

Sincerely, Vinnie Choudhry

 VP - Highland Horizon HOA Board